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Major League Rugby Photo.

Major League Rugby released its 2019 schedule on Wednesday detailing 19 weeks of rugby for nine squads across the country. The original seven teams are joined by two rookie clubs in the Toronto Arrows and Rugby United NY. Beginning on January 26th with Toronto at the NOLA Gold and ending on June 2nd as the Seattle Seawolves host the Austin Elite to end the regular season, year two of the MLR is shaping up to be great. 

A few observations from the first glance at the schedule sees teams with long road trips and home stands. The extreme example is Toronto playing its first eight games on the road and its last eight at home at York Lions Stadium in Ontario. RUNY doesn't have its first home game until week 8 and then is home at MCU Park for the entire month of May before finishing away at Toronto. Glendale's first four games are on the road and then the next three are at home. Other teams schedule are more spread out.

As for the 17 games broadcasted on CBS Sports Network, every club hosts at least one nationally televised match. RUNY leads the pack with seven games on CBS Sports followed by Seattle and Houston with five each. San Diego and Glendale have four each, Utah and Austin have three, and NOLA and Toronto only have two apiece. Seattle, San Diego, and RUNY host three games each, Glendale and Utah get two at home, while Houston, NOLA, Toronto, and Austin only get one. 

The notable matches from the get-go are a Grand Final rematch in week one as Seattle hosts Glendale, San Diego getting a shot at the champs in week two at home, and the two highest-powered offenses in the league square off on February 23rd when Glendale is at Utah. The first MLR match in New York is the rookie show as RUNY takes on Toronto and the Arrows' first game in Canada is April 7th with the NOLA Gold.

Rugby Today will be bringing you recaps all season with player and coach interviews every weekend.

1/26/19NOLA GoldToronto Arrows
1/26/19Austin EliteHouston SaberCats
1/27/19San Diego LegionRugby United NY
1/27/19Seattle Seawolves (CBS)Glendale Raptors
2/1/19Austin EliteUtah Warriors
2/1/19NOLA GoldGlendale Raptors
2/1/19San Diego LegionSeattle Seawolves
2/8/19Austin EliteToronto Arrows
2/9/19San Diego Legion (CBS)Houston SaberCats
2/10/19NOLA GoldSeattle Seawolves
2/16/19NOLA GoldRugby United NY
2/17/19San Diego LegionUtah Warriors
2/17/19Austin Elite (CBS)Glendale Raptors
2/17/19Seattle SeawolvesToronto Arrows
2/22/19Houston SaberCatsToronto Arrows
2/23/19Austin EliteSan Diego Legion
2/23/19Utah WarriorsGlendale Raptors
2/24/19Seattle Seawolves (CBS)Rugby United NY
3/2/19Houston SaberCatsRugby United NY
3/2/19Glendale RaptorsToronto Arrows
3/2/19Utah WarriorsNOLA Gold
3/9/19Glendale RaptorsAustin Elite
3/9/19Utah WarriorsRugby United NY
3/10/19Seattle SeawolvesHouston SaberCats
3/10/19San Diego Legion (CBS)Toronto Arrows
3/15/19Rugby United NYToronto Arrows
3/16/19Austin EliteSeattle Seawolves
3/16/19NOLA GoldHouston SaberCats
3/16/19Glendale RaptorsSan Diego Legion
3/23/19NOLA GoldAustin Elite
3/23/19Houston SaberCatsUtah Warriors
3/24/19Rugby United NY (CBS)Glendale Raptors
3/30/19Austin Elite (CBS)Rugby United NY
3/30/19Glendale RaptorsNOLA Gold
3/30/19Utah WarriorsToronto Arrows
3/31/19Seattle SeawolvesSan Diego Legion
4/5/19Utah WarriorsSeattle Seawolves
4/5/19Glendale RaptorsHouston SaberCats
4/7/19Toronto ArrowsNOLA Gold
4/7/19San Diego Legion (CBS)Austin Elite
4/12/19Houston SaberCats (CBS)Seattle Seawolves
4/13/19NOLA GoldUtah Warriors
4/14/19Rugby United NYSan Diego Legion
4/14/19Toronto ArrowsAustin Elite
4/20/19Seattle SeawolvesGlendale Raptors
4/20/19Rugby United NY (CBS)Utah Warriors
4/21/19Toronto ArrowsHouston SaberCats
4/21/19Seattle Seawolves (CBS)NOLA Gold
4/26/19Glendale Raptors (CBS)Rugby United NY
4/27/19Utah Warriors (CBS)Austin Elite
4/27/19Houston SaberCatsSan Diego Legion
4/28/19Toronto ArrowsSeattle Seawolves
5/4/19Austin EliteNOLA Gold
5/4/19Glendale RaptorsUtah Warriors
5/5/19Toronto ArrowsSan Diego Legion
5/5/19Rugby United NY (CBS)Houston SaberCats
5/11/19NOLA Gold (CBS)San Diego Legion
5/11/19Houston SaberCatsGlendale Raptors
5/12/19Rugby United NYSeattle Seawolves
5/12/19Toronto ArrowsUtah Warriors
5/18/19NOLA GoldHouston SaberCats
5/18/19Glendale Raptors (CBS)Seattle Seawolves
5/18/19Utah WarriorsSan Diego Legion
5/19/19Rugby United NYAustin Elite
5/25/19Houston SaberCatsAustin Elite
5/26/19Rugby United NYNOLA Gold
5/26/19Toronto ArrowsGlendale Raptors
5/26/19Seattle SeawolvesUtah Warriors
6/1/19Utah Warriors (CBS)Houston SaberCats
6/2/19Toronto Arrows (CBS)Rugby United NY
6/2/19San Diego LegionNOLA Gold
6/2/19Seattle SeawolvesAustin Elite