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The Atlanta Old White club defeated Naples 23-19 to win the South DII club title.
It was a difficult weekend for AOW, as they had to deal with multiple injuries leading into this weekend.

They took care of Chattanooga 35-0 Saturday in an impressive display. However, things were more difficult on Sunday.

Atlanta's starting scrumhalf was already out injured, and so was their backup. Their #3 scrumhalf could only play on Saturday, because work required him to return to Atlanta Saturday night.

That necessitated Richard Shore moving from scrumhalf to flyhalf, and a new flyhalf to be installed for the title game.

"We had five players playing their position for the first time on Sunday," said club president Brent Korsower. "But we also came into this game with big chips on our shoulders. We felt like no one in the South really gave us a chance. We felt we were under-valued in the competition."

It was a battle with Naples, and one where hooker Wayde Shore was stalwart, Ron Omondi was brilliant on defense, and Richard Shore was excellent on goalkicking.

The final itself ended with a little controversy. An Atlanta prop went down injured and due partly to a miscommunication on the rosters, the referee called for an uncontested scrum on the last scrum of the game. The score at the time was 20-19 Atlanta, and after the scrum, Naples was called for a penalty and Shore iced the game with a penalty kick.

After the game, Naples reported protested the legitimacy of AOW's roster, apparently taking issue with the possibility that Atlanta did not have enough front row forwards in their roster.

It does seem unlikely that the protest will reverse the game's result.