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All the DI club scores are in, and standings update.

All scores are updated by division and throughout the season here:
West (sort of) ... see why we say sort-of.

And DI standings are here and updated.

NYAC and Boston remains undefeated in the Northeast. Old Blue suffered their second loss, and it was a disappointing one against a somewhat under-strength AC team. That puts a big hole in the New York club's playoff hopes. (Full report here)

In the Mid-Atlantic, the craziness continues with Norfolk losing on the road by a point to PAC, and Maryland losing to Pittsburgh. Baltimore-Chesapeake won on the road at Raleigh, remaining in 1st place.

(Is it really that hard to win on the road in the Mid-Atlantic? Sort of. Home teams are 18-13 this season. The factor, though, comes as much into play when you talk bonus points. Of the 13 road wins, only eight came with a four-try bonus points, while home winners were 15 out of 18 for bonus points. And losing brings its points, also. Only two road losses in the Mid-Atlantic produced a close-loss bonus point (and one road losing team got a four-try bonus). Meanwhile, home teams that lost secured seven close-loss points, and six four-try points.)

In the Midwest, Palmer were without 12 players due to injury, and got slammed by a Metropolis team angry at having taken the Chicago Griffins for granted the week before.

Nick Barrett, maybe a bit motivated at not being called up to the USA team yet, had an excellent game at lock.

Kansas City found out that playing away in Chicago against an improving Lions team can be tough. They lost by a point. The Chicago Griffins lost by four at Columbus. Having started 1-3, Milwaukee has now won five in a row. What does all of this mean? The Midwest is highly competitive. Even the last-place and winless Cincinnati Wolfhounds have secured three close-loss bonus points. But that competitiveness means that Metropolis, now 8-1, will run away with 1st. Six teams could be 2nd, but it looks as if only one team could be top.