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The clash of 5-1 teams in New England produce two DII club squads that are now separated from the rest.

New Haven beat Burlington 41-19, moving the Connecticut team to 6-1 with 32 standings points. Portland produced almost the same result, 41-23 over Amoskeag (we apologize that for some reason we had this result reversed, which was strange because we would have picked Portland to win ... their defense has been outstanding all season, as they have averaged about 12 points allowed per game - allowing 41 struck us as a shock, and it turned out to be a big shock, because it never happened). Portland sits two points behind New Haven.

In addition, Hartford won big and joined Burlington and Amoskeag at 5-2, and with more points in the standings. South Shore could have been in that group, too, but were edged by Albany.

In the Empire Conference in the New York area, Monmouth won the big game 26-25 over visiting Buffalo.

(Last week we mentioned that Monmouth was annoyed that they didn’t have a game for their second team. This might have implied that Buffalo wasn’t fielding a 2nd team, when their 2nds play in DIII - as is their right. League rules don't require a team to field a 2nd side, which was what Monmouth coach Pat Moroney didn't like.)

Buffalo drops to 4-2, joining winners New York and Union. Just ahead of them is Princeton AC, which won big over Rochester. Monmouth is now in a very strong position.

Wilmington put a big hurt on a strong Brandywine team 54-10 to remain undefeated in the Mid-Atlantic North, while Rocky Gorge cruised to a win over North Bay 62-0 – a much easier experience than their tense, one-point victory over Washington two weeks ago.

In the Midwest, everyone took the week off. Six teams remain in the hunt for first in their respective conferences. Detroit Tradesmen, Pittsburgh and Eastern Suburbs are in a virtual tie for 1st in the East, while Wisconsin leads the Eastside Banshees in the West, with the Chicago Blaze lurking in 3rd.

The Mid-America Conference remains a weird one. With not enough teams to make a full league, the teams have the OK to play non-league games that count in the standings. The level of opponent is unpredictable, to say the least, but the games count nonetheless.

At present, the St. Louis Bombers lead, but that is by virtue of having played five games while Omaha and Kansas City have played three each. KC beat the Bombers in a close one on Saturday, while the GOATS thrashed the St. Louis Ramblers (who fell to 1-4) to improve to 3-0.

The Bombers will be ruing their late game decisions, as they had a chance to go for points on a penalty with time almost up and opted for the quick tap. KC held the Bombers up in-goal, and the game ended on a double movement call on St. Louis.

Wing Mike Garrett was a constant threat for Kansas City.

These teams take next weekend off, and then finish fall play with one more round of games. Each team will have three or four games left in the spring to complete their eight-game season.

Then four more games remain on the schedule

And in the Pacific Northwest, Snake River made it plain who rules the roost in the South, as they defeated ORSU – the team that had upended previously-undefeated Portland – by the score of 44-27. Portland rebounded with a win, Chuckanut got a victory, and the Eastside Axemen put 100 on Tacoma to move to 4-0 in the North.