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In a matchup of local rivals, Boston Rugby Club narrowly defeated Mystic River 22-12 Saturday. In years past, this would have been a matchup between two division I NERFU clubs; However, with the formation of the American Rugby Premiership, and subsequently the North Atlantic DI league, Boston and Mystic River are playing in different divisions.

Boston, who is one of five teams to competing in the inaugural ARP, jumped out to an early 10-0 lead. Mystic River, however, stymied their attack for the rest of the half.

“We had a good first 15-20 minutes and really dominated possession. Mystic settled down a bit after that and really put in a good effort that will really benefit both teams moving forward,” Boston captain Sean Treacy told Rugby Today.

The second half was a back-and-forth affair as both teams learned to play with some new faces. Boston has several new players in the backline while a revamped Mystic River squad is learning to jell after Middlesex and Mystic River combined last year.

The ARP side added two more tries in the second half extending its lead to 22-0 before Mystic River scored a try with seven minutes remaining. Mystic River added another late try from Mike Armstrong but it was merely consolation as the game ended 22-12 in favor of Boston.

“I have to give credit to Mystic River, they kept battling to the end and got two late tries on us,” Treacy added. “Finishing stronger is definitely something we need to work on as we head to New York next weekend.”

After defeating the Boston Irish Wolf Hounds 31-24 last weak and narrowly falling to Boston RFC, Mystic River has two games against ARP opponents under its belt. The revamped squad will open North Atlantic play against White Plains next weekend.