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In a battle of local rivals, the Boston Irish Wolfhounds and Boston played to a 22-22 draw in ARP action Saturday. The Wolfhounds used a last second penalty to even the game and earn two points.

With games like these, records are thrown out the window. While they are enemies on the field, there is a mutual respect for one another. “There is certainly friendly banter more than anything else,” Boston captain Sean Treacy told Rugby Today. “You would get it anywhere in the country and anywhere in the world. Two teams playing in the same city there is always that extra little thing going into the game. There is a bit of bragging rights.”

The game started with the squads exchanging penalties before Boston dotted down an unconverted try to take an 8-3 lead. The Wolfhounds responded with a penalty and then a converted try to take a 13-8 advantage. Boston added two penalties, compared to one for the Wolfhounds, leaving the game at 16-14 in favor of the Wolfhounds. Boston took the lead with another penalty, but once again the Wolfhounds responded with a penalty making it 19-17. Boston broke the streak of three pointers with an unconverted try making it 22-19 Boston RFC.

With several minutes to play, the Irish missed a long penalty and struggled to regain possession. Boston attempted to run the clock out with a series of pick-and-gos. With very little time remaining, the Boston players thought that time had expired and kicked the ball into touch. The referee did not blow the final whistle, and the Irish had a lineout inside the Boston 22. The referee awarded a penalty to the Irish on the five-meter line, and the Wolfhounds elected to go for points. The kick was made, and the game ended at 22 all.

“It was one of those things that if we could play back those five minutes, I think we would have done a couple of things different. We would have used the ball and tried to play further into their half rather than picking and going,” said Treacy.

With the tie, the Wolfhounds earned their first points of the season. “They are getting better each year, which is good for rugby in Boston,” Treacy added. Both Boston clubs will resume action in the spring. Boston currently sits in fourth while the Wolfhounds round out the pack in fifth.