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Starting on Saturday, DI Club 15s are back. The last time we saw the league in action Mystic River captured its second national championship in three years with a gutsy 25-24 victory over Belmont Shore in Glendale, Colo. The three eastern conferences begin the fall 2018 season this Saturday with many new additions and intriguing matchups, while the west and Red River starts in the spring.

The American Rugby Premiership has renewed again as Life will battle against the teams from the Atlantic North. Defending champ Mystic River will test its mettle against rivals Old Blue, NYAC, and the Georgia powerhouse. After not competing last season, the Running Eagles are back in the ARP and will have home and away games against each of the New York and Massachusetts squads.

The first Saturday of competition starts with a bang as NYAC hosts Old Blue at Travers Island and Life comes to Malden, Mass. to challenge Mystic River.

Big changes are in store for the Midwest Rugby Premiership when it begins on Saturday. Two new clubs, the Detroit Tradesmen and the St. Louis Bombers, have joined the fray and the conference will be broken into two five-team divisions. DII National Runner-up Detroit will play in the east against the Chicago Griffins, the Chicago Lions, the Cincinnati Wolfhounds, and Columbus Scioto Valley. St. Louis was promoted from the DII Frontier Conference and will compete with the Kansas City Blues, Metropolis, the Milwaukee Barbarians, and the Palmer College Dragons in the western division.

Both newcomers begin on the road as Columbus hosts Detroit and Kansas City welcomes St. Louis to DI. Defending Midwest champion Metropolis starts the fall against Milwaukee while the Chicago Lions venture to Cincinnati to open their 2018 campaign.

Lastly, the 2017-2018 season in the Mid-Atlantic ended with the Norfolk Blues toppling Rocky Gorge for the conference championship. DII champ NOVA was promoted to DI and gives the conference two four-team divisions. Many questions are out there for the Mid-Atlantic like can Norfolk repeat, can Rocky Gorge rebound, can NOVA contend, and will another team step up to challenge the top two?

The questions will start to be answered on Saturday when Rocky Gorge hosts Schuylkill River, Baltimore-Chesapeake makes the trip to Pittsburgh, the Washington Irish is at Norfolk, and NOVA is on the road to Potomac.

9/8/18Mystic RiverLifeAtlantic North/ARP
9/8/18NYACOld BlueAtlantic North/ARP
9/8/18Rocky Gorge RugbySchuylkill River ExilesMid-Atlantic
9/8/18Pittsburgh HarlequinsBaltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesMid-Atlantic
9/8/18Norfolk BluesWashington IrishMid-Atlantic
9/8/18Potomac ExilesNorthern Virginia RugbyMid-Atlantic
9/8/18Cincinnati WolfhoundsChicago LionsMidwest
9/8/18Columbus RugbyDetroit TradesmenMidwest
9/8/18Kansas City BluesSt. Louis BombersMidwest
9/8/18Metropolis RugbyMilwaukee BarbariansMidwest
9/15/18NYACLifeAtlantic North/ARP
9/15/18Old BlueMystic RiverAtlantic North/ARP
9/15/18Schuylkill River ExilesBaltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesMid-Atlantic
9/15/18Rocky Gorge RugbyPittsburgh HarlequinsMid-Atlantic
9/15/18Northern Virginia RugbyNorfolk BluesMid-Atlantic
9/15/18Detroit TradesmenChicago GriffinsMidwest
9/15/18Chicago LionsColumbus RugbyMidwest
9/15/18St. Louis BombersMetropolis RugbyMidwest
9/15/18Milwaukee BarbariansPalmer College DragonsMidwest
9/22/18LifeOld BlueAtlantic North/ARP
9/22/18NYACMystic RiverAtlantic North/ARP
9/22/18Pittsburgh HarlequinsSchuylkill River ExilesMid-Atlantic
9/22/18Norfolk BluesPotomac ExilesMid-Atlantic
9/22/18Washington IrishNorthern Virginia RugbyMid-Atlantic
9/22/18Detroit TradesmenCincinnati WolfhoundsMidwest
9/22/18Chicago GriffinsColumbus RugbyMidwest
9/22/18Palmer College DragonsMetropolis RugbyMidwest
9/22/18Milwaukee BarbariansKansas City BluesMidwest
9/29/18Mystic RiverOld BlueAtlantic North/ARP
9/29/18LifeNYACAtlantic North/ARP
9/29/18Schuylkill River ExilesWashington IrishMid-Atlantic
9/29/18Northern Virginia RugbyRocky Gorge RugbyMid-Atlantic
9/29/18Baltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesPotomac ExilesMid-Atlantic
9/29/18Cincinnati WolfhoundsChicago GriffinsMidwest
9/29/18Chicago LionsDetroit TradesmenMidwest
9/29/18Kansas City BluesPalmer College DragonsMidwest
9/29/18St. Louis BombersMilwaukee BarbariansMidwest
10/6/18LifeMystic RiverAtlantic North/ARP
10/6/18Potomac ExilesSchuylkill River ExilesMid-Atlantic
10/6/18Rocky Gorge RugbyWashington IrishMid-Atlantic
10/6/18Norfolk BluesBaltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesMid-Atlantic
10/6/18Columbus RugbyCincinnati WolfhoundsMidwest
10/6/18Chicago GriffinsChicago LionsMidwest
10/6/18Palmer College DragonsSt. Louis BombersMidwest
10/6/18Metropolis RugbyKansas City BluesMidwest
10/7/18Old BlueNYACAtlantic North/ARP
10/13/18Old BlueLifeAtlantic North/ARP
10/13/18Mystic RiverNYACAtlantic North/ARP
10/13/18Schuylkill River ExilesNorfolk BluesMid-Atlantic
10/13/18Pittsburgh HarlequinsPotomac ExilesMid-Atlantic
10/13/18Baltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesNorthern Virginia RugbyMid-Atlantic
10/13/18Detroit TradesmenColumbus RugbyMidwest
10/13/18Chicago LionsCincinnati WolfhoundsMidwest
10/13/18St. Louis BombersKansas City BluesMidwest
10/13/18Milwaukee BarbariansMetropolis RugbyMidwest
10/20/18Northern Virginia RugbySchuylkill River ExilesMid-Atlantic
10/20/18Potomac ExilesRocky Gorge RugbyMid-Atlantic
10/20/18Washington IrishBaltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesMid-Atlantic
10/20/18Norfolk BluesPittsburgh HarlequinsMid-Atlantic
10/20/18Detroit TradesmenChicago LionsMidwest
10/20/18Chicago GriffinsCincinnati WolfhoundsMidwest
10/20/18Palmer College DragonsMilwaukee BarbariansMidwest
10/20/18Metropolis RugbySt. Louis BombersMidwest
10/27/18Schuylkill River ExilesRocky Gorge RugbyMid-Atlantic
10/27/18Baltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesPittsburgh HarlequinsMid-Atlantic
10/27/18Washington IrishNorfolk BluesMid-Atlantic
10/27/18Northern Virginia RugbyPotomac ExilesMid-Atlantic
10/27/18Columbus RugbyChicago GriffinsMidwest
10/27/18Cincinnati WolfhoundsDetroit TradesmenMidwest
10/27/18Kansas City BluesMilwaukee BarbariansMidwest
10/27/18Metropolis RugbyPalmer College DragonsMidwest
11/3/18Baltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesSchuylkill River ExilesMid-Atlantic
11/3/18Norfolk BluesNorthern Virginia RugbyMid-Atlantic
11/3/18Potomac ExilesWashington IrishMid-Atlantic
11/10/18Schuylkill River ExilesPittsburgh HarlequinsMid-Atlantic
11/10/18Rocky Gorge RugbyBaltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesMid-Atlantic
11/10/18Potomac ExilesNorfolk BluesMid-Atlantic
11/10/18Northern Virginia RugbyWashington IrishMid-Atlantic
11/10/18Cincinnati WolfhoundsColumbus RugbyMidwest
11/10/18Chicago LionsChicago GriffinsMidwest
11/10/18Palmer College DragonsKansas City BluesMidwest
11/10/18Milwaukee BarbariansSt. Louis BombersMidwest
11/17/18Washington IrishPotomac ExilesMid-Atlantic
11/17/18Pittsburgh HarlequinsNorthern Virginia RugbyMid-Atlantic
11/17/18Columbus RugbyChicago LionsMidwest
11/17/18Chicago GriffinsDetroit TradesmenMidwest
11/17/18Kansas City BluesMetropolis RugbyMidwest
11/17/18St. Louis BombersPalmer College DragonsMidwest
3/23/19Baltimore-Chesapeake BrumbiesRocky Gorge RugbyMid-Atlantic
3/30/19Rocky Gorge RugbyNorfolk BluesMid-Atlantic
3/30/19Washington IrishPittsburgh HarlequinsMid-Atlantic
4/6/19Pittsburgh HarlequinsRocky Gorge RugbyMid-Atlantic