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Belmont Shore has essentially assured themselves of 1st place in Southern California with an 88-0 pasting of the San Diego Old Aztecs.

The result helped Belmont Shore improve to 10-1 and 49 points in the standings. They could conceivably be caught by Santa Monica, but only if Santa Monica wins their remaining two games by massive margins and Belmont Shore loses their remaining game by the same.

OMBAC defeated Las Vegas 54-24 and, with a loss by Old Aztecs, clinched at least third. They can even finish 2nd if they win their final match and Santa Monica falters in the next two weeks.

Los Angeles won 38-20 over Back Bay, and as a result are virtually tied with Old Aztecs for 4th in Southern California.

These two 4-6 teams meet next week, but even if Los Angeles loses, they could still take 4th because they play 2-8 Las Vegas the week after and the Old Aztecs have to contend with Santa Monica.

In Northern California, the East Palo Alto Razorbacks defeated Olympic Club 19-18 and as a result kept themselves, amazingly, in the playoff hunt.

The Sacramento Lions clinched the #3 seed with a victory over the Bay Barbarians in a game that was called early due to a fight.

In Texas, the Austin Blacks are almost assured of 1st place after beating their main rivals, the Dallas Harlequins, 15-10. The Harlequins have clinched at least second and could still be 1st, but only if they win next week and the Blacks lose to the Huns with no bonus points.

The Huns lost 50-36 to the Dallas Reds, essentially guaranteeing the Reds 3rd place. The Huns have already clinched 4th.

Most of the rest of the nation in DI was quiet - two league games in the West-North will be decided Monday and Tuesday to finish out league play before their playoffs.

In the Northeast, they are holding a playoff now, and Boston edged Old Blue while Middlesex crushed Buffalo.

Boston plays Middlesex for the #1 seed on Sunday, while Old Blue takes on Buffalo for the #3 seed.