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Those leagues will also be taking some new names – look for the Texas league to adopt a name like the Red River Conference. That conference will include nine teams, as New Orleans is joining the seven DI Texas teams from last season and the Griffins move up from DII.

Southern California, Mid-Atlantic, and the West are expected to be at least six teams, possibly seven as the fledgling Utah Islanders, which played a non-league DII season last year, has so many players that they will be moving up to DI and also look to play DII.

The New England and Empire teams (without Buffalo), will have some sort of crossover competition. Leagues that don’t have enough teams for at least 12 games will incorporate some sort of playoff.

The Midwest, which last year played with ten teams, should be a little less convoluted this year, but is expected to expand with the addition of the Kansas City Blues. The Blues are rumored to have finally made the move to the Midwest from the West, something they've been trying to do for years.

So the big question-marks are:
Northern California, which might get six teams in a league. SFGG is expected to stay out of DI. Old Puget Sound Beach will likely not attempt to play in this league, and instead will be given some sort of independent schedule that allows them to play-in to the national knockout rounds.

The South, which will have one team, Life University. It is distinctly possible that Life won’t even bother, but right now they are in a league of one, and, like OPSB, will need some special independent season to be fashioned for them.

NYAC, which didn’t compete in DI last year, might or might not do so this year.