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The Midwest DI league continues to be interesting as Kansas City and the Chicago Lions rebound from difficult starts.

Metropolis, meanwhile got a bit of a shock this weekend, as did Palmer.

First, Metropolis. The league leaders looked pretty solid as they ran up a 36-10 lead on Columbus. However, the Ohio-based hosts didn’t give up and scored four tries in the last ten minutes.

Metropolis Head Coach Nate Osborn had put the bench on at that point, and this team were without Patrick Latu, Charlie Baleirara, and Graham Harriman (who was busy have his best game ever for the USA). But, said Osborn, none of that is an excuse.

“We need our younger guys to step up,” he said. “Twenty-six points in eight minutes is just not good enough. Still we had some guys out there who should have stepped up. It’s as crazy a thing as I’ve ever seen on a rugby pitch. Still, Columbus is a very good team, and any team that can score 26 points in eight minutes is a talented team.”

(Columbus also made good in another way, as they provided a set of jerseys for Metropolis to use when the Minneapolis club arrived in Ohio and realized the jersey bag was back in Minnesota.)

The tie with a bonus point was as good as a win (almost) for both teams, keeping Metropolis in 1st by eight points after ten games. But Columbus is still lurking. Also hoping to lurk were the Milwaukee Barbarians, who came into the weekend having won five straight. But the Chicago Lions defeated them 33-29 to move to 4-5-1. That left the door open for Kansas City, and they stepped through, beating the Chicago Griffins 51-23.

“The guys were a little confused about what they needed to do at the beginning of the season, but they’ve worked hard,” said KC Head Coach Aseri Batiratu. “And we got Ed Mills back for the first time since we played Milwaukee [on September 21].”

Mills had been with the USA Selects team in the ARC. Back with the Blues, Mills injected some adrenaline into the Kansas City offense.

“With Ed in there it seemed the backline just worked together better,” said Batiratu. “He brings a level of confidence, and he helped everyone work together. So far, so good.”

Kansas City is 6-3, but the absence of Mills meant they haven’t always secured the bonus points they will need to catch Columbus or Metropolis.

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