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Three teams have already punched their tickets to the DII Sweet 16: Frisco Griffins (Texas Champs), Worcester (New England Champs) and Red Mountain (Southern California #3).

Eight more bids will be secured Sunday, as the West, Midwest, South and Mid-Atlantic all play their championships this weekend and will send both of their finalists to Nationals. The rest of the seeds will be determined by May 5th.

Southern California split its bids up, putting the top two seeds on offer in the league actually in Southern California and its third seed on the line between Arizona's Red Mountain and Tempe, Texas' El Paso Vatos and New Mexico's Albuquerque Aardvarks. Red Mountain claimed that bid a couple of weeks ago. 

We have outlined the Territorial and Geographical Union playoffs that lead to the Sweet 16 below.

Southern California
QF: South Bay Rhinos 41-12 Ventura
QF: San Fernando Valley 23-15 Kern County
SF: South Bay Rhinos vs. Las Vegas – April 27th
SF: Pasadena vs. San Fernando Valley – April 27th
Final: May 4th

For SoCal 3rd Seed
SF: Tempe 51-19 Albuquerque
SF: Red Mountain 37-17 El Paso
3rd/4th: El Paso 27-19 Albuquerque
Final: Red Mountain 24-13 Tempe

QF: Wilmington 47-20 Severn River
QF: Washington Irish 43-28 Doylestown
QF: Rocky Gorge 77-0 Brandywine
QF: Roses 34-24 Richmond
SF: Rocky Gorge vs. Roses – April 27th
SF: Wilmington vs. Washington Irish – April 27th
Final: April 28th

SF: St. Louis Bombers vs. Glendale – April 27th
SF: Omaha G.O.A.T.S. vs. Tulsa – April 27th
Final: April 28th

SF: Little Rock vs. Naples – April 27th
SF: Chattanooga vs. Atlanta Old White – April 27th
Final: April 28th

QF: Montclair 47-43 Rockaway
QF: Princeton AC fft. Over Buffalo
SF: Princeton AC vs. Montauk – May 4th
SF: Montclair vs. Danbury – May 4th
Final: May 5th

QF: Wisconsin 59-12 Cleveland Eastern Suburbs
QF: Michiana 22-20 Eastside Banshees
QF: Cleveland Rovers 61-25 Southside Irish
QF: Pittsburgh 40-32 Bremer County
SF: Cleveland Rovers vs. Pittsburgh – April 27th
SF: Wisconsin vs. Michiana – April 28th
Final: April 28th

Pacific Coast
SF: Santa Rosa (NorCal 1) vs. ORSU (PNW 2) – May 4th
SF: Snake River (PNW 1) vs. Diablo Gaels (NorCal 2) – May 4th
Final: May 5th