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Life University’s men’s team hosts Old Blue this weekend and it’s a welcome big game for the Running Eagles after what has become a debacle of a DI season, with the games they play massive blowouts, and their last scheduled match, against Atlanta, not even being played.

Well Life hasn’t really been worried about DI anyway. The Elite Cup is the thing, and Head Coach James Isaacson said the team was just OK in their 52-16 defeat of Boston last week.

“It was a tough game in many ways and Boston did give us a tough time – our set piece faltered a bit,” Isaacson said. “But we are fairly healthy and feel good about the game coming up.”

Old Blue has been solid so far. They lost 29-14 to NYAC March 23, which isn’t a horrible result, and with new flyhalf sensation Adam Siddall, they are confident they can get points.

The game may well come down to penalties, something Isaacson wants his team to avoid.

“Siddall is a really good kicker and we’re fortunate because we’ve got Aaron McMaster and AJ MacGinty,” said Isaacson. “We’ve got some terrific veteran leadership in the backline, it’s not just one person, so what we need is a good solid performance from the forwards.”