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Life's almost-Eagle lock Tom Katzfey is unavailable because he has to take the MCATs this weekend - he had scheduled the test long before he knew what the Elite Cup schedule would be.

Meanwhile, Al McFarland is getting married, and with Mike Petri his best man, neither will be playing a rugby game this week.

The player-absence issues keep coming for the AC. James Denise's groin is still bothering him, so he won't play, and Phil Bailey is also hurt.

So Head Coach Bruce McLane has made some moves, chiefly moving hooker Connor Coyne to flanker.

"Connor is a ferocious tackler and really good around the field, so he should do fine," said McLane. Tom Coolican, who is likely getting a national team look at some point, will be the #2.

"We have lost a lot of players, but don't count us out," said McLane, who may or may not be downplaying his team's chances. "We need to defend and defend and hang in there. But it's really tough to beat a team three times in a season. I think in fact that Life should be favorites - not big favorites, but favorites."

McLane pointed to the expect wet weather on Saturday, which would favor Life. He hopes the NYAC lineout, led by Brian Doyle and Seth Cohen, will operate better than it did the last two times these teams met.

Meanwhile, Life Head Coach James Isaacson remembers that his Running Eagles did very well in the scrum and in the lineout against NYAC the last time the two teams met, but still lost 25-22.

"It was frustrating for us to have all that possession and not win," Isaacson said. "Having three yellow cards didn't help. I don't know of any team that gets three sin-bins and wins the game. But we were also impatient. We didn't go through the phases the way I like."

Keep the yellow cards down to zero, and retain the success at set piece, said Isaacson, and maybe Life wins.