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Kansas City edged Omaha 18-15 Saturday in the Mid-American DII club conference, creating a logjam atop the standings.

Hooker Mike McDaniel scored two tries for KC, while scrumhalf Brandon Naghshineh added a try and a penakty goal. Omaha's No. 8, Jake Bowers, was a terror and scored and early try to put the GOATS up 7-0, but Bowers ended the game on the sidelines, as two yellow cards for foul play earned him a red and a seat for most of the second half.

Omaha had a shot to tie the game with time up, but missed a drop goal attempt.

As a result, Omaha falls to 3-1, tying the St. Louis Bombers (3-2) with 16 points in the standings. Kansas City, with this crucial away win, improves to 3-1 with 14 points. 

(St. Louis Bombers v St. Louis Ramblers score to come)