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Twelve games in DI rugby this weekend see several key games for teams who think they should be in 1st place.

Key among the key would likely be Old Blue against Boston, which we talked about on earlier. Old Blue has won big in their first three, and Boston has won big in their first two, but their opponents haven't been the toughest. This is a big test for both.

And ... waiting in the wings to take advantage of the losers is the New York Athletic Club, which hosts Middlesex. Middlesex, for their part, are 1-1 and should think this is a good weekend to pull off an upset. That's unlikely as a fully-loaded (Mike Petri, Toby L'Estrange, Chris Chapman, Brian Doyle, Blake Burdette (!), Seth Cohen, Pat Fiffe, Pup Hundley, Jimmy Kowalski, Alastair McFarland, Neil McMillan ... if they're not all on the field, almost all will be) NYAC should hold sway, and will be right in the mix once the weekend's over.

In the Mid-Atlantic PAC is 1-2 and yet remains one of the msot feared teams. However, playing at Baltimore-Chesapeake this weekend, a team that is defending very well, they need to win. A third loss this early could be crippling.

Undefeated Schuylkill River plays undefeated Maryland Exiles in the game to decide who can say they're the best. It is not a game that decides who is in 1st, because Schuylkill can lose the game and still be on top of the standings.

Should Maryland win, and Norfolk win over Raleigh, then we will have almost a three-way tie for first. Almost ...

In the Midwest it's a must-win for both the Chicago Griffins and Kansas City Blues in Chicago. Look for Palmer to probably handle 0-4 Cincinnati, and the Chicago Lions at the Milwaukee Barbarians is a pick 'em at this stage.

The top two teams play in the perhaps the most exciting game of the weekend, with Columbus at Metropolis. The Minneapolis team is playing very, very well, especially offensively. However, Columbus can run a bit, too. We might see 100 points scored between the two teams.

And in the West, wait, there's a game? Yes, all indications are that there will be a game between Denver Barbarians and Utah Islanders. We're excited.

Old Blue (3-0) @ (2-0) Boston
Middlesex (1-1) @ (2-0) NYAC
Wolfhounds (0-3) @ (0-3) White Plains

PAC (1-2) @ (2-1) Balt.-Chesapeake
Schuylkill River (3-0) @ (2-0) Maryland Exiles
Raleigh Vipers (1-2) @ (2-1) Norfolk Blues
Pitt Harlequins (0-2) @ (0-3) NOVA

KC Blues (1-2) @ (2-1-1) Chicago Griffins
Columbus (3-1) @ (4-0) Metropolis
Chicago Lions (1-2-1) @ (1-3) Milwaukee
Cincinnati (0-4) @ (2-1) Palmer

Denver Barbarians (0-0) @ (0-0) Utah Islanders