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Glendale Raptors on offense versus Austin. Glendale Raptors Photo.

Major League Rugby released its inaugural schedule Thursday. Each of the seven founding teams will play each other once, and two teams twice, over the course of 10 weeks from April 21-June 24. That gives them eight regular season games, four home and four away, and two bye weeks each.

With an odd number of teams, a completely level schedule didn’t fit. So some teams will no doubt end up playing tougher opponents twice, while others will play what end up being weaker opponents twice. The top four teams will advance to the semifinals.

Interestingly, the schedule drives straight through the June test window, which means teams will lose their USA Eagles and other international players for up to 2-3 matches. They should all be back to MLR duty by the postseason, though. 

Each week, CBS Sports Network will broadcast a game live. Those are indicated by the matches with a game time, though the kickoff times are subject to change. Non-broadcast games will be streamed live, though that platform has not yet been revealed.

Every team plays on television at least twice, while Glendale, Austin, Seattle and Houston all get three TV matches a piece. And each team will have a home game broadcast.

Below is the master schedule, as well as a team-by-team look.      

1April 21 5pm ETGlendale RaptorsAustin Elite
1April 21 or 22TBAHouston SabercatsNOLA Gold
1April 22TBASeattle SeawolvesSan Diego Legion
2April 2810pm ETSeattle SeawolvesGlendale Raptors
2April 28-29TBASan Diego LegionUtah Warriors
2April 28-29TBAHouston SabercatsAustin Elite
3May 510:30pm ETSan Diego LegionHouston Sabercats
3May 5-6TBAAustin EliteNOLA Gold
3May 5-6TBAUtah WarriorsGlendale Raptors
4May 12 5pm ETUtah WarriorsAustin Elite
4May 12-13TBANOLA GoldSeattle Seawolves
4May 12-13TBAGlendale RaptorsSan Diego Legion
5May 195pm ETNOLA GoldHouston Sabercats
5May 20TBASeattle SeawolvesUtah Warriors
5May 19-20TBASan Diego LegionAustin Elite
6May 25TBASeattle SeawolvesNOLA Gold
6May 269pm ETSan Diego LegionGlendale Raptors
6May 26-27TBAHouston SabercatsUtah Warriors
7June 29pm ETHouston SabercatsSeattle Seawolves
7June 2-3TBAAustin EliteUtah Warriors
7June 2-3TBANOLA GoldGlendale Raptors
8June 95pm ETAustin EliteSeattle Seawolves
8June 9-10TBAGlendale RaptorsHouston Sabercats
8June 9-10TBANOLA GoldSan Diego Legion
9June 1610pm ETUtah WarriorsNOLA Gold
9June 16-17TBAGlendale RaptorsSeattle Seawolves
10June 23-24TBAAustin EliteSan Diego Legion
10June 23-24TBAUtah WarriorsHouston Sabercats
HApril 21 Austin Elite
AApril 28Seattle Seawolves
AMay 5-6Utah Warriors
HMay 12-13San Diego Legion
AMay 26San Diego Legion
AJune 2-3NOLA Gold
HJune 9-10Houston Sabercats
HJune 16-17Seattle Seawolves
AApril 21Glendale Raptors
AApril 28-29Houston Sabercats
HMay 5-6NOLA Gold
AMay 12Utah Warriors
AMay 19-20San Diego Legion
HJune 2-3Utah Warriors
HJune 9Seattle Seawolves
HJune 23-24San Diego Legion
HApril 21-22NOLA Gold
HApril 28-29Austin Elite
AMay 5San Diego Legion
AMay 19NOLA Gold
HMay 26-27Utah Warriors
HJune 2Seattle Seawolves
AJune 9-10Glendale Raptors
AJune 23-24Utah Warriors
AApril 22Seattle Seawolves
HApril 28-29Utah Warriors
HMay 5Houston Sabercats
AMay 12-13Glendale Raptors
HMay 19-20Austin Elite
HMay 26Glendale Raptors
AJune 9-10NOLA Gold
AJune 23-24Austin Elite
AApril 21-22Houston Sabercats
AMay 5-6Austin Elite
HMay 12-13Seattle Seawolves
HMay 19Houston Sabercats
AMay 25Seattle Seawolves
HJune 2-3Glendale Raptors
HJune 9-10San Diego Legion
AJune 16Utah Warriors
HApril 22San Diego Legion
HApril 28Glendale Raptors
AMay 12-13NOLA Gold
HMay 20Utah Warriors
HMay 25NOLA Gold
AJune 2Houston Sabercats
AJune 9Austin Elite
AJune 16-17Glendale Raptors
AApril 28-29San Diego Legion
HMay 5-6Glendale Raptors
HMay 12Austin Elite
AMay 20Seattle Seawolves
AMay 26-27Houston Sabercats
AJune 2-3Austin Elite
HJune 16NOLA Gold
HJune 23-24Houston Sabercats