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The Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Coast are 3-0 after Day One of the last Women's 7s National All-Star Championships, and both teams are aware that the record is nice, but means little.

All eight teams are re-seeded after Day One, and it's happened before where an 0-3 team upsets a 3-0 team in the Sunday-morning quarterfinals. Neither team wants to be tripped up.

"We understand how it is," said MARFU Coach Dana Creager. "We knew that if we lost every game on Saturday it wouldn't matter, and so we tried a lot of people in a lot of different positions. Tomorrow is the day that counts."

"The first game of Day Two is the worst part of the day," added Pacific Coast Coach Brandon Sparks. "It's easy to get in trouble."

Still, no trouble on Saturday. The Pacific Coast dominated all day.

I think the defense is very good

"We held our opponents to just a few points but we are still making making simple, fundamental mistakes," said Sparks. "It helps having Irene Gardner anchoring your defense at sweeper. I think the team might feel OK but once they see the film tonight they will come out and play better tomorrow."

Sparks said the biggest issues for him is getting the team unity and cohesion down in a short period of time.

"We just need to do the simple things," he said. "We haven't had a lot of trouble scoring points, so if we take care of the simple things I think we'll be fine."

Meanwhile Creager was happy with her team's defense. The Sharks took care of the South and Southern California, but so did the Northeast. The two teams faced each other in the last round, and MARFU came away 17-14 winners.

"Our defense really stepped it up, especially in the second half of the last game," said Creager. "We didn't let in any points in the second half and that was big."

With players from six difference clubs on the squad, MARFU has had to bring things together quickly, as well.

"It's more of a mix than we have had in the past," said Creager, who has former USA captain Nancy Fitz on staff. "But the girls have the best attitude. They are working their butts off and everyone has contributed."

Quarterfinal Matchups for Sunday:
B#1 Mid-Atlantic v A#4 West
A#2 Midwest v B#3 Southern California

A#1 Pacific Coast v B#4 South
B#2 Northeast v C#3 Stars & Stripes