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USA Rugby is there, as reported on Clubs Director Jim Snyder is there to propose that the four non-Elite-Cup clubs who are part of the West Coast proposal join, instead, the Elite Cup.

Meanwhile, a proposal is also circulating authored by the Glendale Raptors, with heavy involvement from longtime TV producer Pat Guthrie, to create a private semi-pro or pro league centered around the West Coast idea.

Glendale was previously involved in a move to create a pro league in association with some Major League Soccer entities. That was initially said to start in the spring of 2013 (it didn't) and then pushed back a year. No one is holding his or her breath on that plan.

And also meanwhile, USA Rugby is trying to keep it all in-house, with Nigel Melville rumored to be attending today's meetings. Melville has previously not shown much interest, if any, in the machinations of club rugby, so this would be a change of tack for him.

Underlying USA Rugby's motivations is the fact that various advisers to the International Rugby Board are pointing to the USA's lousy domestic competition as a major reason for poor international performance.

While the DI leagues feature over 60 clubs, thus spreading the talent far too thing, the Elite Cup is just a year old, but was more of the same - the same top clubs, playing an extra three to five games. There is no provincial or all-star competition of any kind.

With international consultants saying USA Rugby needs better elite-level domestic competition, and finding for it, USA Rugby needs to deliver that competition. A West Coast league outside the USA Rugby aegis doesn't fit the bill.

Can they find a way to work together? Can Glendale's broadcast acumen and finding combine with USA Rugby's IRB grant and some expertise from around the group of clubs to make something great?