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Half of the DI men's club Sweet 16 was decided Saturday, with the Mid-Atlantic versus Northeast and South vs. Midwest Round of 32 crossover matches being played Saturday. 

The rest of the Sweet 16 match-ups will be finalized next weekend, when the West crosses over against Texas and the Pacific Coast squares off against Southern California. 

Metropolis and Palmer, both of whom received byes on the weekend, also played Saturday, with Metro winning 73-5. 

Round of 32 scores
Mid-Atlantic vs. Northeast:
Boston 29-27 Maryland Exiles
Middlesex 42-20 Norfolk
Old Blue 35-28 Schuylkill River
PAC 58-24 Buffalo

South vs. Midwest:
New Orleans 41-17 Chicago Griffins
Life 68-3 Chicago Lions
Palmer - bye
Metropolis - bye