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The New Orleans Rugby Club continues to produce strong results, and the latest is a 36-8 defeat of the Dallas Harlequins Saturday in the Big Easy.

Led by No. 8 Bryan Fitzgerald and center Jeff Reuther, New Orleans is now 4-0-1 in their new conference, the Red River.

"The thing is, we really only played our best for 25 minutes," said NOLA Coach Trip McCormick. "We were getting to the second level, and getting our offloads. But then it just stopped. I guess we were fortunate that we at least got our tries when it was happening. It was just one of those days."

Traveling to New Orleans is a new experience for the Texas teams, and McCormick acknowledges that the travel will probably be easier for New Orleans.

"We are used to traveling," said McCormick. "We have been traveling to Georgia and Florida for a long time, so this is not that different. What we have is a club administration that works hard to help subsidize travel. Our goal is that no player can't travel because of finances. Our club president Mike Kerrigan is relentless in supporting the players."

McCormick also said that the Red River Conference has accommodated New Orleans well.

"We've been able to get those double-game weekends on trips to Texas, so that has helped us," said McCormick. "But what's been great for us is, we have good tough games just about every weekend. That's what the players want."

And they get one more. New Orleans announced Sunday that they will play a game against Arkansas State University on March 15. The Red Wolves had originally planned to play Glendale, but the Pacific Rugby Premiership schedule means the Raptors can't play that day. So New Orleans stepped in.

"We considered the opportunity to play such a high-caliber college program to be too good to pass up," said McCormick.