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OMBAC moved back into first place with a win over Los Angeles in SoCal DI this past weekend. The San Diego Old Aztecs, however, are right on its tail and have a game in on their rivals.

OMBAC led 10-3 at half and would have led by more if not for some ball handling errors and stout defense from Los Angeles.

“LARC just did a pretty good job on defense especially inside their defending 22. It was difficult to come away with points at that point,” OMBAC captain Darren James told Rugby Today.

The San Diego side extended its lead in the second half, getting two tries from Micah Schrimpf and one each from Dustin Bates, and Jeremy Ramirez. Bates came off the bench and along with fellow substitute Garrett Jones, exposed the LA defense.

“Dustin Bates had two or three good breaks, really stretched the defense, and really opened our attack,” James added.

LARC made an impressive comeback and almost won the match thanks to a tremendous performance from its scrumhalf. Josh Sowa scored four times in the match, three of which came in the final 15 minutes of the match.

“He almost won it for them,” James said of Sowa. “I have been playing against him, for me it’s my third year seeing him. He is very good at sniping, he’s very good at penalty ball and he realized that the guys directly in front of him were not back 10 or not turned and facing him. He is very heads up with that.”

The comeback fell short and for OMBAC the win was very important. After losing to Santa Monica a week earlier, Old Mission Beach is no longer in control of its own destiny.

“We have to win out to even give ourselves a shot. We have to win out and hopefully get our bonus points in every match and we have to hope that the Old Aztecs either some how lose offensive momentum and don’t get bonus points on people or they lose match. The Santa Monica loss really set us back. It took us out of the drivers seat but all we can do now is win out,” James concluded.

OMBAC and San Diego are really the only two teams in contention for the top spot. San Diego had the week off and will make up the game at a later date. In other action, Downtown defeated Belmont Shore and Pasadena got its first win with a victory over Santa Monica.