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PRO Rugby announced this week its broadcasting and streaming partners. Televised matches will be carried by One World Sports, a cable channel which carries a variety of sports from around the globe, like the Chinese Basketball Association, the Asia Football Championship and professional table tennis. The streaming will be done by Yahoo!. 

The detailed broadcasting and streaming schedule has not yet been reveiled, but this Sunday, Sacramento versus San Francisco will be streamed and broadcast live. The Ohio versus Denver game will be streamed at some point, PRO Rugby director of rugby Steve Lewis told Rugby Today, but not live. 

Ohio posted a schedule on its Facebook page indicating both of its matches in Sacramento, on May 5th and July 9th, would be televised, and the rest of them streamed. No other team has published a similar schedule.

It would make sense for a considerable amount of the Sacramento games to be televised, considering Bonney Field is the newest venue in the league. Ohio's home for the first year is a field at a public park with stands being built out, and San Francisco is playing in Boxer Stadium, which is a bit antiquated, so we may not see games televised from those venues. Denver's Infinity Park is equipped for television, though PRO Rugby has not chosen to use the venue's regular streaming and broadcasting teams, which the Glendale Raptors use for their home games.