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PRO Rugby now has five venues, five head coaches, at least one assistant coach for each team, a technical advisor and a schedule. The most important piece of the puzzle, players to actually take the field, is a work in progress, with lots of contract offers floating around. 

The player contract situation is muddled just over a month out from the start of the league. Some players will be reporting to their assigned teams as early as next week, while there are still plenty of unsigned contracts which have been offered and players who haven't received theirs, but who are expected to boot up in the inaugural season. 

Below is the breakdown of knows for the league office and each team, followed by the schedule. 

League Office
Owner: Doug Schoninger
Director of Rugby: Steve Lewis
Technical Advisor/Consultant: Andre Snyman

Venue: Infinity Park
Head Coach: Sean O'Leary
Asst. Coaches: Peter Borlase

Venue: Memorial Park
Head Coach: Paul Barford
Asst. Coaches: Paul Holmes, Eamonn Hogan 

Venue: Bonney Field
Head Coach: Luke Gross
Asst. Coaches: Kevin Battle, Freddy Waititi

San Diego
Venue: Torero Stadium
Head Coach: Ray Egan
Asst. Coaches: Matt Hawkins

San Francisco
Venue: Boxer Stadium
Head Coach: Paul Keeler
Asst. Coaches: Adriaan Ferris

4/17San FranciscoSacramento
4/23SacramentoSan Diego
4/24DenverSan Francisco
5/1San FranciscoOhio
5/1DenverSan Diego
5/8San DiegoSan Francisco
5/15OhioSan Diego
5/20San FranciscoDenver
5/28SacramentoSan Diego
5/29OhioSan Francisco
6/5DenverSan Diego
6/12San DiegoOhio
6/18San FranciscoSan Diego
6/26San FranciscoOhio
7/3SacramentoSan Francisco
7/3San DiegoOhio
7/10San DiegoDenver
7/16San DiegoSan Francisco
7/23San DiegoSacramento
7/24DenverSan Francisco
7/30San FranciscoSacramento