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Every spot in the national club DI Round of 32 should be confirmed by the end of this weekend.

In the West, all six teams meet in Glendale to figure out who goes where.

With their bonus-point victory this week in a makeup game against Boulder, the Denver Barbarians slipped past Glendale for 2nd in the standings.

West-North W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Provo 4 0 1 153 91 62 3 0 21
Denver Barbarians 4 1 0 149 109 40 2 0 18
Glendale 3 1 1 165 64 101 2 1 17
Kansas City Blues 2 3 0 100 109 -9 2 2 12
Boulder 1 4 0 75 201 -126 0 0 4
Denver Highlanders 0 5 0 84 132 -48 0 2 2

That means that Glendale cannot finish 1st in the West-North anymore, but they can still finish second.

The Denver Highlanders are last, but can still make the Round of 32. Here's how it works:

#1 Provo plays #2 Denver Barbarians. The Winner is the #1 seed.

Glendale plays Kansas City. The winner plays the loser of Provo v. Barbarians for the #2 seed. The lose of this Day Two game takes the #3 seed.

Boulder plays the Denver Highlanders, with the winner playing the loser of Glendale v. KC for the #4 seed.

So Provo and the Barbarians can finish as low as 3rd and as high as 1st.

Glendale and Kansas City can finish as high as 2nd, and as low as completely out of it.

Boulder and the Highlanders can finish 4th, but no higher.

Meanwhile in Texas, it's all over bar the shouting, as the Austin Blacks, Dallas Harlequins, Dallas RFC, and Austin Huns should finish in that order. However, if the top two are upset by their opponents this weekend, we might see a shift in the order.

In Southern California, Belmont Shore is #1, and Santa Monica should be #2, but could conceivably be caught by OMBAC. A win by Santa Monica should confirm it.

The big game is San Diego Old Aztecs against Los Angeles. If LA wins, they should take the 4th playoff spot, in part because they play Las Vegas a week later and have a good shot at winning, while Old Aztecs play Santa Monica, who are a tougher opponent. If the Old Aztecs win this weekend, they should be happy, but won't have sewn up #4 until the next week.

Northern California is pretty much set, however what we will learn is whether Old Puget Sound Beach has been successful in their appeal to get the #1 seed as SFGG has pulled out. It's likely the Sacramento Lions will get the #1 seed, because the league rules stated as much from the beginning.

The #3 team from Southern California is not going to like that, as they will have to travel to Seattle to play OPSB, while the #4 team would travel to play the Lions.