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Question 2 Did Week 1 in MARFU Tell us Anything? Probably. Two teams recorded impressive results by traveling, with barely enough players, and winning on the road. That would be the Norfolk Blues (22-12 over Pittsburgh Harlequins), and Maryland Exiles (27-20 over Raleigh). This might be more of a commentary on Pittsburgh and Raleigh.

But points on the road are important, and these were long travels for both teams, especially Norfolk. PAC won but didn't look amazing against NOVA. Schuylkill River won fairly convincingly over Baltimore-Chesapeake, and have a couple of players still getting into form.

It would be a surprise indeed if the four teams that won last week weren't the top four in the league at the end of it all. We just have 13 more games per team to find that out.

Games this weekend:
Raleigh at Baltimore-Chesapeake
Pittsburgh at Maryland
PAC at Norfolk
Schuylkill River at NOVA

PAC is still the top team until someone says otherwise, but they need to win at Norfolk to solidify that status. Maryland could be upset by an angered Pittsburgh team at home, but that's the sort of game a good team wins.

Schuylkill is very nicely positioned to accumulate points before their critical clash with PAC October 19. Everyone's saying things weren't pretty at the beginning of the season, but the better clubs have found a way to win regardless.