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Glendale Raptors players Dewon Reed and Shaun Davies lead the scoring stats for the Elite Cup, with one round to go in pool play.

Reed leads the competition with four tries, having scored twice in both games this season. Right behind him is Denver's Phil White, who scored all three of his tries this past weekend against San Francisco Golden Gate.

Meanwhile, Davies, on the strength of his 24-point performance Saturday night against Old Puget Sound Beach, leads the Elite Cup with 34 points scored.

Elite Cup Try Scorers

Player Team Total
D. Reed Glendale 4
P. White Denver 3
J. Hundley NYAC 2
M. Pulu SFGG 2
F. Botitu OPSB 2
E. Vucago OPSB 2
D. Croy Glendale 2
T. L'Estrange NYAC 2
A. MacGinty Life 2
J. Van Meter SFGG 2
R. Armstrong OPSB 2
E. Vucago OPSB 2
T. Howden Denver 1
K. Hitt Denver 1
L. Collins Denver 1
P. White Denver 1
D. Grace NYAC 1
N. McMillan NYAC 1
W. Brazier Old Blue 1
T. Koloamatangi SFGG 1
S. Pone SFGG 1
T. Rooke SFGG 1
J. Colata SFGG 1
R. Lobb Boston 1
T. Katzfey Life 1
A. Osborne Life 1
D. Beach Life 1
S. Van Rensburg Life 1
K. Headlee Life 1
L. Murphy Boston 1
D. Freed-Pastor Old Blue 1
B. Creighton Old Blue 1
B. Goff Life 1
C. Doyle Life 1
B. Mateialona Life 1
B. Bradford Life 1
H. McFarland SFGG 1
P. Fukafuka SFGG 1
D. LaPrevotte SFGG 1
W. Rasileka OPSB 1
S. Davies Glendale 1
A. Malifa Glendale 1
S. Faamausili Glendale 1

Points Scored

Player Team Total
S. Davies Glendale 34
R. Lobb Boston 33
R. Armstrong OPSB 24
D. Reed Glendale 20
A. Siddall Old Blue 20
A. McMaster Life 20
T. Howden Denver 18
P. White Denver 15
T. L'Estrange NYAC 14
J. Hundley NYAC 12
A. MacGinty Life 12
M. Pulu SFGG 10
F. Botitu OPSB 10
E. Vucago OPSB 10
D. Croy Glendale 10
J. Van Meter SFGG 10
R. Armstrong OPSB 10
E. Vucago OPSB 10
H. McFarland SFGG 9
M. de Achaval Denver 8
J. Naqica SFGG 6
K. Hitt Denver 5
L. Collins Denver 5
P. White Denver 5
D. Grace NYAC 5
N. McMillan NYAC 5
W. Brazier Old Blue 5
T. Koloamatangi SFGG 5
S. Pone SFGG 5
T. Rooke SFGG 5
J. Colata SFGG 5
T. Katzfey Life 5
A. Osborne Life 5
D. Beach Life 5
S. Van Rensburg Life 5
K. Headlee Life 5
L. Murphy Boston 5
D. Freed-Pastor Old Blue 5
B. Creighton Old Blue 5
B. Goff Life 5
C. Doyle Life 5
B. Mateialona Life 5
B. Bradford Life 5
P. Fukafuka SFGG 5
D. LaPrevotte SFGG 5
W. Rasileka OPSB 5
A. Malifa Glendale 5
S. Faamausili Glendale 5