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The Red Mountain Rugby Club pulled off something of a shocker with a 15-8 defeat of previously-unbeaten Tempe to put themselves in a virtual tie with their longtime Arizona DII club rivals.

Red Mountain had left their previous match with Tempe, which Tempe won, somewhat disgruntled with the referee. No such issues this weekend, as they avoided big penalty trouble and followed a rough-and-tumble forward effort to pin Tempe in their own end.

Only one try was scored in the game, by Tempe, but fullback Alex Enache kicked five penalties to push Red Mountain over the edge.

“It was a tough match, but we feel we are going in the right direction this year,” said Red Mountain’s Giles Tipsword.

According to RUGBYMag’s calculations, Red Mountain is still 2nd due to points difference, so it will all come down to the final two weekends to see whether Red Mountain or Tempe slips up – by even one bonus point – to lose out on 1st.