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Rocky Gorge remains the only unbeaten team in the Mid-Atlantic’s South Division having eked out a 30-29 win over Washington Saturday.

The 2012 National Champs had won every league game by at least three scores coming into the contest, including a 34-0 win over Washington last month, so Saturday put them under some unfamiliar pressure.

“They took it to us pretty much. It was nice to have some competition. We got the win, ultimately, but we need to play better,” said Rocky Gorge coach Will Brewington.

“I definitely think they had longer to go in terms of improvement, and they also had a little bit different personnel [from the first game]. They hit a couple of homeruns today, too, with some outside backs scoring some long tries.”

While the final score line was close, Gorge was in charge the entire game. They led 22-3 at one point, before Washington made a late surge.

“Our defense was OK defending in a line. We weren’t really launching in attack as much as we would have liked to,” said Brewington.

“They controlled the ball. Our game’s a rucking game, and that just helps possession, but I think we’re going to work on that a little bit, in terms of running with the ball in hand a little more.”

Some guys did tote the ball well Saturday for Gorge.  Derek Chell and Will Miller, for example, ripped off some big runs. And Gorge walks away from the tight game with a bonus point, some work-ons and having been battle tested.

“These guys expect to win, no question about it. So far we’re OK,” said Brewington. “And I’m glad we got tested, because you have to play under pressure to really get anything out of it.