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So it might seem again this week. With SFGG moving out of the DI playoffs to concentrate on the Elite Cup, the Northern California league moved the Sacramento Lions into the #1 seed. This was based on the fact that Old Puget Sound Beach (the team everyone agrees is the second-best team in the league) were accepted into the league with the caveats that they didn't have to play B-side matches, and they only had to play six games (albeit six games against the better teams).

Everyone else in the NorCal league played 12, 11 or 10 (yes, that's correct, the entire season was based on an non-uniform number of matches).

So the seeds look as follows:
#1 Sacramento Lions
#2 Old Puget Sound Beach Seattle
#3 EPA Bulldogs
#4 EPA Razorbacks

The Pacific Coast RFU, which ratifies its seeds, did this in part because it has the right to assign seeds as it sees fit. This has been confirmed by USA Rugby clubs coordinator Jim Snyder, who told the unions that USA Rugby does not interfere with how a union ratifies its seeds.

But clubs in Southern California do not like this plan. It means that OMBAC, the #3 team in SoCal, and not that far from being #2, would have to travel to OPSB, while the #4 team, the San Diego Old Aztecs, would get an easier match, traveling to Sacramento.

OMBAC cried foul and SCRFU VP Geno Mazza urged a league-wide meeting to adjust the seeds so that the #4 team (SD Old Aztecs) would have the harder game.

That is how the SCRFU has ruled, ratifying OMBAC as the #4 seed and using the same argument that the Pacific Coast used - the union gets to decide what seeds are what.

So the ROund of 32 matchups for May 4 will be:
EPA Razorbacks at Belmont Shore
EPA Bulldogs at Santa Monica
OMBAC at Sacramento Lions
San Diego Old Aztecs at OPSB

Word is the Old Aztecs are fuming, and are trying to change this.