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The Snake River club isn’t in 1st the Pacific Northwest DII South, but they are pretty close after sweeping two matches this weekend.

The Idaho-based team always has a tough road schedule as the rest of their games are on the west side of the Cascade Mountains. So road weekends are big, and usually involved two games.

“We look at the schedule early and make sure the players know that these weekends are really important, and if they can make sure they’re available, they should,” said Head Coach and former Eagle Mike Saunders. “This has been our MO for years. It’s about 20 hours in the car and 1,000 miles, and we play two games in three days.”

This time around Snake River beat Chuckanut 39-3 (Ferndale, Wash.) and the Rovers (Seattle) 37-10 to put them at 8-1. They are behind ORSU, who beat Portland 39-14 to stay ahead at 8-2 thanks to points difference.

Leading the way for Snake River is center Mike Lose, who has emerged not only as a solid player, but a leader. Flanker Bart Johnson and young scrumhalf/wing Harley Davidson have also been playing well.

“We took 25 players to the games and everyone got a lot of playing time,” said Saunders. “Now we’re looking forward to this weekend.”

That’s when Snake River hosts ORSU in a match that will likely determine the PNW South winner. Meanwhile Valley is settled in 1st up north. They were idle this weekend.