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It's a relatively quiet weekend in DI club rugby.

Perhaps the biggest game is Schuylkill River at Baltimore-Chesapeake in the Mid-Atlantic. With Norfolk idle due to a postponement, the winner could jump into 1st in the league.

B-C isn't the most-high-profile team in the region, but after beating the Maryland Exiles on the road two weeks ago, they should be taken very seriously.

The Exiles host Raleigh, and could vault themselves into the top four. But they likely won't leapfrog PAC, who visits winless NOVA.

In the Northeast, there's little expectation of an upset. Old Blue should have their full compliment of players at Mystic River, and with Boston idle, could move into 1st. NYAC hosts the tenacious but 2-5 Boston Irish Wolfhounds. Middlesex (1-4) is at White Plains (almost inexplicably 0-7).

Little will change in the pecking order here. The big games of the fall are still to come: November 2 NYAC at Old Blue, and November 16 NYAC at Boston. NYAC could take some semblance of control in the league with victories there, but will have to do it without some of their top players.

The Midwest gets back on the field after a week off, and a welcome one for some beat up teams. Right now it's Metropolis and everyone else, as the Mineapolis team is 7-0 and eight points clear of second-place Columbus.

Columbus hosts the 1-5-1 Chicago Lions (who are a better team than their record indicates), while Metropolis will visit the 2-4-1 Chicago Griffins.

If somehow those teams falter, there are two other clubs waiting to close the gap. Milwaukee (4-3) is at Palmer, unhappy at 3-3 but not out of it. And Kansas City visits Cincinnati. If Columbus and Metropolis lose and the KC Blues win, there would be no difference in the standings - KC would remain 3rd. But the difference in points would bunch up considerably, making the second half of the season a real sprint.

And in the West ... does it matter? Poor Glendale only want an acceptable competition to play in so they can get fans into their stadium. It's a reasonable-enough request that hasn't come to friution in the West. Glendale is slated to play the Utah Islanders. We'll see how that goes. The Raptors look very strong, at least they did against the Denver Barbarians.

This weekend's DI club games.
Old Blue @ Mystic
Wolfhounds @ NYAC
Middlesex @ White Plains

Schuylkill River @ Balt.-Chesapeake
Raleigh Vipers @ Maryland Exiles
Pitt Harlequins Ppd Norfolk Blues

KC Blues @ Cincinnati
Metropolis @ Chicago Griffins
Chicago Lions @ Columbus
Milwaukee @ Palmer

Glendale @ Utah Islanders