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With their 54-17 victory over Provo, the Denver Barbarians have secured the #1 seed coming out of the West- North, and will face the Austin Huns in the Round of 32 in Denver.

The Huns were assured of 4th after they lost to the Austin Blacks Saturday 32-14, and the Dallas Reds upset the Dallas Harlequins 37-20.

Despite the victory for Dallas, they can't catch the Harlequins and will be 3rd in Texas, with the Harlequins 2nd and Austin Blacks 1st.

Also winners today were the Glendale Raptors, who thrashed the Kansas City Blues 62-24. With that victory, the Raptors set up a clash with Provo on Sunday. The winner of that game takes the West-North #2 and will host the Dallas Reds. The losing team will be West-North #3 and will travel to play the Harlequins in Dallas.

Meanwhile the Denver Highlanders beat Boulder 45-14 to remain alive. They now play Kansas City Sunday for the West-North #4, and the honor of traveling to Austin, Texas to take on the Blacks.