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The West-North has been a weird competition this season. The league usually plays a home-and-away schedule, but, with the inclusion of Provo, decided to play home-or-away regular season with a playoff at the end to determine seeds for the Round of 32 a la the Midwest. The playoff is set for April 20-21 in Glendale, Colo.

Provo has clinched the top spot going into the West-North playoffs and cannot finish worse than third. So the Steelers could conceivably end up having to travel to Texas for the Round of 32.

Glendale and the Denver Barbarians are tied in the league standings at the moment, and both play the league cellar dwellers to round out the season – the Barbos meet winless Boulder and the Raptors play the winless Denver Highlanders.

The Barbos hold the tiebreaker over the Raptors, having won the head-to-head meeting against Glendale, so as long as the Raptors don’t score more league points in the final game, the Barbos will play Provo for the top seed out of the West-North.

Glendale and the Barbos are expected to win and bonus point in their finales, if chalk holds, Glendale will be No. 3 going into the West-North playoffs and face the Kansas City Blues, who are cemented in fourth place.

Boulder and The Highlanders cannot climb ahead of fourth or fifth, and they will play each other on April 20th to see who gets one last shot at the National Playoffs. For either team to reach the Round of 32, they’d have to win two games in two days, and their reward would be a trip to Texas at the West-North’s fourth seed.

The playoff format below emulates one used in the Midwest, which allows teams with less-than-stellar regular-season records to move up in the seedings in one weekend.

Game 1 - #5  Boulder vs. #6 Highlanders
Winner advances to Match 4, Loser goes home
(It's possible the Highlanders bypass Boulder for 5th, but these teams will, regardless, play off on April 20.)

Game 2 - #3 Denver/Glendale vs. #4 Kansas City
Winner Moves to Match 5, Loser moves to Match 4

Game 3 - #1 Provo vs. #2 Denver/Glendale
Winner is West-North  1

Game 4 - Winner of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 2
Winner is West-North # 4 and will travel to Texas #1

Game 5 - Winner of Game 2 vs. Loser of Game 3
Winner is West-North #2 and will host Texas #3, Loser is West-North #3 and will travel to Texas #2

In Texas, the top two teams are known - Austin Black and Dallas Harlequins. Those two play this weekend in a game that should decide who is first and who is second. The 3rd and 4th teams are also known - Dallas Reds and Austin Blacks. Those two teams also play this weekend, with the winner almost assured of 3rd.