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The DII slate this weekend is nearly full, with New England being the only active conference to take a break. Below are the match-ups and a quick rundown of the league's goings on.

There isn’t much in it, other than some New Jersey rivalries. Morris and Monmouth are meeting in one all Garden State match. Monmouth is unbeaten, and Morris has lost two straight games. In another all Jersey match, winless Montclair tries to unseat 3-1 Princeton. Long Island and Union both have the same record, and both need to win to keep postseason hopes afloat.

Morris (2-2) vs. Monmouth (4-0)
Princeton (3-1) vs. Montclair (0-4)
Rochester (0-4) vs. NYRC (2-2)
Long Island (2-2) vs. Union (2-2)

In neither Mid-Atlantic division are two teams with winning records playing each other. The Washington Irish are trying to prevent dipping under .500 in the South. Finishing in the top two of the division is important, because those teams won’t likely have to cross over against Wilmington or Doylestown in the Mid-Atlantic playoffs. So even a losing bonus point would be a positive result for the Irish against Gorge.

In the North, Doylestown looks to rebound from a close loss to Wilmington with a win over Blackthorn, and Lancaster and Hibernian are just fighting to stay out of the league cellar.

Blackthorn (2-1-1) @ Doylestown (3-1)
Hibernian (0-3) @ Lancaster (1-3)

Washington Irish (2-2) @ Rocky Gorge (4-0)
Richmond Lions (1-1) @ Severn River (1-3)


There is one massive clash in the East, which sees the top two teams, Cleveland Eastern Suburbs and Detroit Tradesmen, face off. Both are 5-1. This game will effectively eliminate the loser from the divisional race, as both teams will be favored in their final few weeks of play. Pittsburgh, also 5-1, barring an upset by winless Detroit Saturday, will still be in the thick of it.

In the West, no two teams with winning records play each other.

Indianapolis (3-3) @ Cleveland Rovers (3-3)
Cleveland Eastern Suburbs (5-1) @ Detroit Tradesmen (5-1)
Dayton (0-5-1) @ Michiana (0-4)
Detroit (0-3-1) @ Pittsburgh (5-1)

Wisconsin (6-0) @ Bremer County (1-5)
Lincoln Park (2-4) @ Eastside Banshees (5-1)
South Side Irish (1-4) @ Metropolis (2-4)
Chicago Blaze (5-2) @ St. Paul (2-4)

Pacific Northwest
Portland has looked really good so far this season. They got a bonus point win against Chuckanut in Week One, then were forfeited to by Tsunami and blew the doors off Tacoma. ORSU should provide a stiffer test this week.

Axemen (2-0) @ Rovers (1-1)
ORSU (1-1) @ Portland (3-0)
Chuckanut (0-1) @ Tsunami (0-1)

There’s only one game on the docket, a local derby that’s not being played locally. To accommodate the University of Missouri alumni game, the St. Louis Bombers and Ramblers are meeting in Columbia, Mo. While the Bombers have won this meeting more, recently, this fall’s results indicate it should be close. The Bombers beat Kansas City close, and the Ramblers lost to Kansas City competitively. The Bombers beat Memphis by 57, and the Ramblers beat Memphis by 82.

St. Louis Ramblers (1-2) @ St. Louis Bombers (2-1)