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Kutztown leapt out of the East Conference cellar in a big way Saturday with a 68-24 win over Ohio State. KU’s had as tough a start to the CPD season as anyone. They led Army 27-10 at the half last week, only to end up losing 33-27. And they lost to Penn State by one point on a last-second drop goal in week one, so Saturday’s lopsided win had a cathartic effect for the previously 0-2 Golden Bears.

“We knew we had to win to stay in the hunt, even though we’re on the outside track, but we're still in the hunt. We knew we wanted to try and score a lot of points, not only for our own confidence level, but to show that we’re for real,” Kutztown coach Dr. Gregg Jones said.

Leading the way for the Golden Bears was the elusive Tim Acker, who scored 33 points against Ohio State – three tries, six conversions and two penalty kicks. Acker has spent most of the season at fullback for KU, but Jones moved him to standoff in an attempt to get more offensive firepower from the No. 10 position.

“Acker attacked a whole lot more than (our previous flyhalf), so it opened up our line and got us moving and worked out well for us,” said Jones. “In the first half, the Ohio State forwards played very well, and in the second half we kind of sliced them up with our backs.”

1-2 Kutztown is still in the playoff race, as they bagged three bonus points in their two losses to go along with the five they picked up Saturday, but they’ll probably need to sweep the table if they want to make a real run at the postseason. Their next hurdle in that quest is Navy, who also impressed Saturday with a 29-12 defeat of Penn State.