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By winning the Allied Rugby Conference title, Texas A&M earned the right to challenge the Mid-South runner-up for a spot in the DI-A quarterfinals. Due to travel considerations, the Aggies' student leaders decided not to play the challenge match.

Life and Arkansas State are playing Saturday to decide the Mid-South's top two seeds, and the challenge match would have had to take place April 20. If the Running Eagles wound up No. 2, A&M would have had to purchase expensive flights on less than a week's notice.

The result is both Arkansas State and Life will move straight to the April 20 quarterfinals regardless of Saturday's result. The conference champ will host Kutztown in the quarterfinals, or if Ohio State wins the Big Ten Championship on the weekend, the winner of the Buckeyes' challenge match with Kutztown. The Mid-South No. 2 will travel to Army.