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Texas A&M beat Oklahoma 48-26 Saturday in Norman, Okla. to remain in third place in the Mid-South.

The Sooners were competitive in the first half, trailing just 21-14 at intermission. A&M has had trouble performing on the road this season, and Saturday’s opening half was no different.

“We are the worst traveling team in the Premiership, I think. We’re just trying to figure out what to do to travel better,” said A&M coach Brett Mills.

“It was blazing hot out there today. I think we had trouble adjusting to the heat, so we were lethargic at the beginning of the game, and we started kicking it in a little bit better in the second half.”

A&M Inside center Matt Saladino, in his first game back after being out all spring with a sports hernia, scored two tries.

“They were nice, beautiful runs,” said Mills. “He did a great job, and we were glad to have him back.”

Oklahoma tries to sweep Notre Dame next Saturday, and A&M draws the unenviable task of play Life.