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Oklahoma with ball

Oklahoma defeated Texas A&M 50-32 Saturday in Norman, Okla. To move to 2-0 in the Red River. Oklahoma led just 21-15 at halftime, but pulled away in the second half.

The final score would have been markedly closer if the Aggies were able to convert their tries. They scored six, converting just one. OU scored eight tries, and Thomas Chinellato was able to convert five.

“It really was an epic battle of two teams that are growing rapidly,” said Sooners coach Jason Horowitz, “and even though OU has been handed many losses over the years from the Aggies, today we were able to turn the tide early and play the physical yet dynamic rugby we have been working toward since last 15s season.”

Though OU outside center Michael Al-Jiboori led all scorers with four tries on the day, Horowitz said he spread the ball well and Trevon Barnes and Manny Soto struck well off him. He also said freshmen wing Grant Clancy had a good game, stepping up on defense and running with some purpose.  

“Mike’s trys were set up well by his support lines. It was not a track meet by any stretch,” said Horowitz. “It was a physical brawl for 80 minutes. Very exciting game to watch.”

Jayce Crowder and Matt Long led the charge for Oklahoma’s forwards, along with a standout performance by Vance Young.  

"With a few changes around 15 minutes in the first half, we were able to start taking some control in the set pieces,” said Horowitz. “We are very young in the forwards so it takes them some time in the first half to find the system and the flow. Townsend and freshmen Somto Iromuayna were critical attackers that opened up the attack for OU’s midfield backs after the half.”

Up next for Oklahoma is the Red River Rivalry Friday against also undefeated Texas in Dallas.

Oklahoma 50
Tries: Al-Jiboori (4), Soto, Iromuanya, Koh, Townsend
Cons: Chinellato (5)

Texas A&M 32
Tries: Ayadi, Hood, Wiggin, Garnett, Theodore, Graham
Cons: Brown 

Match Details

10.04.14 Norman, OK
Final Score
Texas A&M