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All Americans head coach Alex Magleby has named his starting lineup to face New Zealand Universities Saturday at 1pm at Stanford University.

Ryan Roundy captains the side from the No.8 position, while starters from last week who performed well as subs on Wednesday, such as Mikey Su'a and Zach Fenoglio return to the starting lineup.

Shocked by some in-your-face attitude by the tourists on Wednesday, the All Americans have named a physically imposing front eight.

Peter Tiberio, who has scored a total of four tries in the previous two matches, serves as vice captain and right wing. Magleby has picked his third different fullback, going this time with Duncan Kelm of San Diego State.

(Note, Kyle Grossheider was a late addition to the starting lineup, replacing Dustin Muhn.)

1          Su'a, Mike (BYU)
2          Fenoglio, Zach (Loyola Marymount)
3          Besser, James (California)
4          Parker, Chris (Texas A&M)
5          Brakeley, Nate Dartmouth)
6          Lambert, Garrett (Life)
7          Asbun, Derek (California)
8          Roundy, Ryan (captain) (BYU)
9          Saint, Chris (Penn State)
10        Eloff, JP (Davenport)
11        Grossheider, Kyle (Life University)
12        Jones, Gareth (Temple)
13        Kelly, Seamus (California)
14        Tiberio, Peter (vice captain) (Arizona)
15        Kelm, Duncan (San Diego State)