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Paul Barford has joined Cornell University as the men’s team Head Coach.

Longtime Cornell Coach Ron Schassburger will remain with the team and be part of the coaching staff, while Barford, who has been part of the High School All American coaching staff for several years, will take on the paid Head Coach position.

Barford had recently moved to Upstate New York, which was, in part, why he was able to take the position.

“We will be a very structured program,” said Barford. “Ron Shassburger has done a good job with the team, but I hope to build on the tradition here at Cornell. Rugby’s been here since 1860. We had a player on the Olympic Gold Medal team. This will be a good challenge for me.”

Alumni have pitched in to pay for a coach, and also to buy new equipment for the squad.

Barford said the goals for the team will be reasonable,  but will center around improvement.

“We didn’t win any games last year, so the short-term goal is to win a game,” he said. “Then, when we win that, we go for two.”