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Baylor defeated The University of Dallas 29-7 Saturday, in some tough weather conditions, to clog up the middle of the DII Texas league.
“It was a sloppy match to begin with,” said Baylor coach Clayton Jewett. “We were playing in about a 30-mile wind and it just reeked havoc on both sides passing.”
While passing wasn’t a strong point for either side Saturday, Dallas coach Matt Jones contends Baylor was able to cope with the gusty conditions more effectively than his team, attributing to the lopsided score.
“They took advantage of it, whereas we couldn’t seem to take advantage of it when we had it,” said Jones. “I think they were just a bit faster than us, so on long balls and chase balls they were able to get there quicker than us.”
Baylor lit up the scoreboard from start to finish, not conceding a point to Dallas until the games final minutes. “Not to sound cocky, but we pretty much dominated the entire match both through our forwards, our mauling and then through our backs spinning it out wide,” said Jewett, who credits newfound cohesion with his team’s recent success.
“Our guys are coming together more as a team. I’ve got a bunch of seniors and a bunch of freshmen. My seniors are out playing the freshmen instead of playing as a team, and so they came together more this week than against TCU last week.”
Baylor now sits at 2-1 and Dallas at 2-2. With North Texas defeating Angelo State Saturday 40-22, there are three two-win teams in the middle of the league’s pack, which should make for an exciting spring race, of which, Dallas plans to be a part.
“When we get back from the break we want to focus on getting back into things as quickly as possible,” said Jones. “I’d say one of our major issues is playing together as a team. I think that’s always a tough thing for colleges, especially when you’re getting a bunch of first-time players…We’re going to focus on doing that. We’ve got two cup matches in the spring that we’d like to win.”