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UCLA recorded its first PAC win Saturday, beating Oregon State 35-12 in Corvallis, Ore. The Bruins led by just five at halftime, 12-7, but had a big second half to take the bonus-point win.

“It was really competitive in the first half and they controlled a lot of the possession through their forwards and really played physical,” said UCLA coach Scott Stewart.

“I think we just simplified the game in the second half and went back to basics, and we put the ball in open spots on the field and were able to find space out wide after that. We went for the basics first and it worked out.”

According to the memory of anyone at the match, Saturday was the first-ever meeting between Oregon State and UCLA on the rugby field. The new PAC Rugby conference will, eventually, see a lot of clubs play their first games against schools whose basketball and football teams play their universities all the time.

“It’s kind of historic for PAC Rugby and something we’re excited about,” said Stewart. “It’s something that’s appealing about what we’re doing. The players enjoy it, and that’s what matters.”