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Colorado 61-31 Wyoming (Scroll down for Air Force report)

Colorado raced past Wyoming 61-31 Saturday in Boulder, Colo. Wyoming opened the scoring with a penalty, but the Buffs took the lead at 5-3 and never looked back, leading 17-3, 24-6 and 31-11 en route to the win.

Wyoming tried to use its big pack to inch down the field and grind down Colorado, but when the Buffs got ball, they spun it to their backs and scored.

“We knew what Wyoming was going to do: keep it tight, pick-and-drive and that sort of thing,” said Colorado assistant coach Eric Taber. “The guys did a good job of recognizing that, taking their space away, and we countered on the turnover ball and struck with pace out wide.”

Leading the Buffs in tries was outside center Brendan Cox with four.

“Brendan Cox had an amazing day individually, for him. One of the tries he scored was a nice chip ahead from Chris Martin, and he just basically outpaced everybody,” said Taber.

“He scored a couple of tries just making guys miss left to right. He’s got very agile feet. He did a good job of chasing guys down and outpacing guys all day long. He had a really great game.”

“We had a few penalties down in our end that led to some unfortunate scores, but other than that, we pretty much played on our side of the field,” added Cox.

“We kept it away from their forwards. We have some amazing athletes in our backline, and once we get the ball into our hands, it’s kind of hard to stop us, I feel like.”

The win makes Colorado 3-2 with an outside shot at the postseason. The Buffs host Utah Friday April 13 in a must-win. If they do, their path to the playoffs becomes much more doable. If they lose, they’ll be eliminated from the race.

The Utes also play Air Force next weekend. If the Zoomies knock off Utah, they’ll be in great shape to finish second in the West and make the postseason., having beaten Colorado State 65-10 Saturday to improve to 3-1.

Air Force 65-10 Colorado State

Air Force head coach Joe Muehlbauer was muted about his praise for the team, saying they looked sloppy in places.

“We have Utah coming up, and we can’t afford to be too loose with the ball when we play them,” he said.

Air Force played with two new halfbacks, as their regulars were out with slight injuries. Chris Poje, who plays hooker and flanker for the team, stepped in at scrumhalf, and Austin Halle slid in from center to play flyhalf. Both played extremely well in the game.

Richard Ollis led the team with two tries and an excellent overall performance at inside center.

“It’s good to get the win, but we have some tough games coming up and have to be better,” said Muehlbauer.