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It's been done already in the 2010-2011 season, a DI team defeat a CPL competitor (Delaware falling to Boston College and Ohio State and Notre Dame losing to Midwest DI foes, for example), but Chico State became the first team to do it on the West Coast Saturday with a thrilling 16-13 defeat of UC Davis.
The low-scoring affair was tightly contested all game, as Davis continually took advantage of Chico’s disorganization on defense by inserting extra attackers in its backline. However, Chico had enough closing speed to recover. 
“Our backline wasn’t coming up flat, which they were really able to exploit,” said Chico coach Mitch Jagoe, “but luckily we’re a pretty fast team, and we were able to minimize the damage when the ball got out on the wing.”

Davis took a 16-13 advantage with just under 10 minutes to play and were in possession when the clock ticked to 80 minutes, but Chico, ever in search of a go-ahead opportunity, turned Davis over and gave itself one last shot. “In injury time we had a turnover ball and probably four or five phases,” said Jagoe. “We just spun it to the wing and scored it in the corner for the final play of the match.”

“We’ve had a long rivalry with Davis, and they’re just a great program and they’re very well coached,” said Jagoe. “They’ve had our number for the last few years, so it was a big win, regardless of them being a CPL team. It was a great win for us to start the season on.”

Unfortunately for Chico, 2-0 is probably not on the table, as Saturday they travel to Berkeley to take on Cal. UC Davis will also be in the Bay Area to take on Stanford.

(This article originally had Indiana erroneously listed as a CPL team.)