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Joe Jordan at the New York Rugby Business Network

It is important to recount the back story behind Penn Mutual’s arrangement with United World Sports LLC (UWS) to become the title sponsor for the next three-years of the NBC televised Varsity Cup college XV’s match, and the College Rugby Championship (Sevens), scheduled for its sixth event May 29, 30, and 31 in Philadelphia.

All credit for linking Penn Mutual to UWS goes to Joe Jordan, an insurance motivational speaker, author, and former rugger who played thirty-years the New York AC. Jordan realized that the insurance/financial services industry was experiencing an ever aging work force with a fifty-seven-year old average age. This contrasted markedly with the current American worker’s age in the late thirties. 

What Penn Mutual needed was a way to attract younger people as both new hires and as potential customers. The challenge was to find an innovative way to acquaint these people (including, significantly, the so named Millennials) to the employment benefits of insurance/financial planning. The inventive answer to Jordan was for this venerated, A+ rated company (founded in 1845) to support college rugby.

He said, “Americans are living longer and workers must make financial plans today to ensure that funds are available for retirement.  Millennials are looking for ways to make a difference in society, and Penn Mutual offers them that opportunity to assist friends and family to secure and maintain a financially sound future.”

In addition, Penn Mutual partnered with the New York AC’s Winged Foot Foundation to give money to college rugby. This was also Joe Jordan’s creative idea to allow regional Penn Mutual advisors to meet college clubs in their area and donate funds. To date, Utah, BYU, St. Joseph’s, Villanova, TCU, and Notre Dame have received these generous checks from local advisors and the NYAC.

Jordan, author of the best-selling “A Life of Significance,” perceives that rugby and Penn Mutual share teamwork and a joined commitment to excellence. He said, “Penn Mutual is all in for the college game, and I think it will form a long-term, beneficial relationship to the rugby community.”

Penn Mutual employed rugby imagery throughout its 2014 Annual Report. (Pictured above.)