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Roughly two-thirds of the College Premier Division teams met Friday night in Salt Lake City to discuss the first season and what issues need to be address in the off-season.

The discussion addressed marketing and branding – a key to generating more sponsorship income – as well as costs. The meeting also touched on what programs will be dropping out of the CPD.

Already Friday Tennessee put out a press release confirming that they will move back DI. Several reports say LSU and Dartmouth are also going to leave the competition for DI. Meanwhile, UC Davis and Claremont Colleges are reportedly still considering their options.

The CPD members have agreed to a July 1 deadline for a decision in or out. Meanwhile, Arizona Head Coach David Sitton, with the help of others, is putting together a list of qualification criteria for DI programs that want to move up.

There is no policy of a one-for-one replacement (such as, if three teams drop out, three would be added). It’s quite possible that no DI teams could be added. But if LSU and Dartmouth do indeed join Tennessee, the Mid-South will be down to five teams, while other conferences will have seven or eight, so we might see some realignment.

Other issues on the table? Cost sharing, the idea that all members kick in some money up front to help defray costs for traveling playoff teams. This topic is apparently still being discussed.