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Michigan squares off against Texas in the CRC's first round. Photo credit: Jack Megaw.

Leading by a try with 90 seconds left in its Pool C match against Navy, Michigan weathered a breakway run into the try zone to preserve its lead and advance to 2-0 in the tournament. 

"We've never been on this stage," Michigan's Matt Kasten said. "It's kind of crazy to go out and play against the top teams. We play in the Big 10, which isn't always here all the time. It's all the Life's and the Cal's of the world. It's very exciting." 

With the clock widning down, Navy's Brandon Willis dashed towards the left try zone and was dragged down just shy before attempting a double-movement to touch the ball down. 

"Down by five, we were trying to get the win," Navy's Ricky Neel-Fuller said. "We thought the edge was the easiest way to go. Everyone was in panic mode and everyone was trying to rush into the try zone. We just needed a little more patience instead of trying to force the ball in there and get the double-movement."

Sequoyah Burke-Combs, Kasten, Lawrence Armitage-Brown and Alex Davidson scored for the Wolverines, who will face Ohio State next after topping Texas in its first game. 

"It's different going from an open field to a stadium," Davidson said. "There's no doubt about that. It was great to get that walk out there. There were no fans, so we could get used to our environment, get our composure and get set up. It's our first time here, so i'm really pleased we hit the ground running and i'm really looking forward to our next game already."