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Life University put up a massive score this weekend against Oklahoma, as they proved very, very difficult to tackle in beating the Sooners 137-0.

Oklahoma had no answer for the Life attack, which sent players forward with pace, and moved the ball and chance speeds with confidence.

This wasn't the only rout this weekend. Also in the Mid-South, Arkansas State dismiess Texas A&M 67-0. In the West, BYU beat Wyoming 85-10, a day after dismantling Colorado State 99-7. Utah ran away from Arizona 68-15.

In some more competitive matches, St. Mary's did well to shut out Central Washington 37-0. Ohio State continued their improved results with a 38-15 win over Rutgers. Army had to work for it 30-25 over Kutztown, and likewise Penn State 22-6 over Navy.

Air Force beat Colorado 55-44 on Friday.

Life's scoreline is a record in the short history of D1-A. The previous biggest score was BYU's 123-3 defeat of Wyoming a year ago. Taken in that context, the Cowboys' 75-point loss to the Cougars this weekend doesn't look so rough.

Army at 4-0 and Penn State at 3-0 lead Rugby East.

Life is 4-0 in the Mid-South with Arkansas State 3-1.

BYU leads the West with a 3-0 record. Utah is 4th, but at 2-0 have a chance to move higher.

St. Mary's has clinched first in the Pacific at 3-0.

Pacific Central Washington 0-37 St. Mary's West BYU 85-10 Wyoming West Utah 68-15 Arizona East Rutgers 38-15 Ohio State East Kutztown 25-30 Army Mid-South Oklahoma 0-137 Life Mid-South Arkansas State 67-0 Texas A&M East Penn State 22-6 Navy

West Colorado 44-55 Air Force West BYU 99-7 Colorado State