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DI college leagues are coming to a climax this weekend.

In Southern California, UCSB essentially has the league wrapped up. They haven't clinched the league mathematically, but it's only a matter of time.

This weekend, 3-2 Loyola is at USC. They are favored this weekend but then clash with San Diego next week. That game should decide who finishes second.

In Northern California, Stanford was wrapped up the league, but it's still all up in the air in the Pacific Northwest.

There, UBC (4-0) plays Canadian rivals Simon Frasier (1-2). Neither team qualifies for the USA Rugby playoffs, but their presence has really helped the league.

The league has also helped UBC. Head Coach Spence McTavish said playing a meaningful schedule for his 2nd team has helped the program retain players.

"I am not sure it's helped us be better at the top level, but it's certainly kept players at training, and that's helped our depth," he said.

Central Washington also has their 2nd team in the league. CWU is 2-3, and plays Washington State (2-1). These games will do much to decide who finishes where, but at 4-0, Oregon State seems to be in the driver's seat for a national playoff spot.

OSU will play UBC on the final weekend of the season. That game will likely be for the league title, but by then Oregon State should have clinched a playoff place.

In the West, there's still much to decide. Northern Colorado (3-0) cannot afford to look past Colorado School of Mines (1-2) on Sunday. If they new, 2-1 New Mexico could zip right by them. The Lobos play 0-3 Denver University this weekend.

In the West-Central, Nebraska faces Truman but the big question is can 4-0 Kansas State finish off the run undefeated? Next few weekends show.

In the Atlantic Coast Rugby League, North Carolina and Virginia hope to exit the weekend still undefeated. For Virginia, it looks likely as they take on 0-3 Duke. North Carolina plays in-state rivals NC State (1-2), and as we all know with such rivalries, all bets are off.

Virginia Tech takes on Wake Forest in a clash of coaches who help run the league. Va Tech (who were this close to beating Clemson) can improve to 2-1 with a win.

It's still early days in the ACRL, and several big matchs - UNC v Virginia Tech, Clemson v. Virginia - but UNC v. Virginia will likely have to wait until the championship game April 23.

In the South, Kennesaw State takes on South Carolina and Florida (league leaders with a 3-0-2 record) takes on Georgia. The big news is that Florida State had to vacate a win over Kennesaw State after FSU reported that they had inadvertantly used an ineligible player.

FSU is still in with a shot to catch Florida, but they need Florida to lose a game.

In the Eastern Penn RFU, the season really gets started now:
Temple University Men at West Chester
Millersville University Men at Shippensburg

It's too early to tell what will happen.

USA Rugby Men DI College Brackets:
Bowling Green v. Eastern Penn Champion
South Champion (probably Florida) v. ACRL Champion (North Carolina or Virginia ... or somebody else)

Northwest Champion (probably Oregon State) v. SoCal Champion (probably UCSB)
Stanford v. West Champion (probably Northern Colorado)

Davenport v. Minnesota
West Central Champion (probably Kansas State) v. Texas State

Northeast v. Harvard
Southern Connecticut v. Buffalo