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St. Mary's vs CWU. Karen Drinkwater Photo.

The spring season is starting to heat up and the west coast teams are finally getting a chance to test their mettle. With a handful of games this weekend the rankings shifted.

After an impressive start to the spring, St. Mary’s takes the top spot. Several impressive wins has led the committee to move them into the top spot.

Cal has dropped to number two. The Bears beat Cal Poly 81-6 over the weekend.

Life got its season off to a solid start. The Running Eagles reached the century mark against LSU and remain at number three. LSU drops out.

The biggest move of the weekend came from Grand Canyon. The Arizona school bested San Diego State 22-18 to claim its first DIA scalp. GCU moves up to 17 and San Diego State falls to 18.

UCLA comes into the rankings for the time this year at 25.

Rank1/26/17Recent Result
1St. Mary'sBeat UC-Santa Barbara 74-7
2CalBeat Cal Poly 81-6
3LifeBeat LSU 103-0
7Arkansas StateIdle
8Penn StateIdle
11Notre Dame CollegeIdle
12ArizonaBeat Stanford 78-16
13Central WashingtonIdle
16Utah ValleyIdle
17Grand CanyonBeat San Diego State 22-18
18San Diego StateLost to Grand Canyon 22-18
19Colorado StateIdle
24Ohio StateIdle
25UCLABeat USC 74-16
Dropped Out
LSULost to Life 103-0